MovieBox for Chromecast is Available Now! Get to Know the Simple Process Here!

Those days are gone when we used to wait for the cable network that would provide movies, music, and shows to us. Today the apps are here to gratify our desires of movies with all the needed facilities. But technology has gone one step ahead as it has brought to us Chromecast that can connect the apps directly to our television set and we can use the television set as mobile where we can watch the movies and shows directly from the app. MovieBox is one such app that can be used on Chromecast. Here in this article, we will talk about how to get MovieBox for Chromecast.


How to Get MovieBox for Chromecast

People are a bit cryptic about the process, and take it for granted that MovieBox download on Chromecast is a difficult one. But in reality, it is absolutely opposite. Follow the simple way which we are providing here, and it will be just cakewalk for you. So let’s get started:

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  1. First, download and install the AllCast application on your mobile device.
  2. AllCast app will allow the users to connect their smartphone or Television with other devices like Chromecast.
  3. AllCast app lets you connect with the Television with your smartphone.
  4. After the successful installation, the AllCast app on your device, you need to launch this icon that appears on the screen.
  5. Next, we assume that you have already installed MovieBox app on your mobile phone.
  6. Then navigate to MovieBox app and alter the setting to Play Online Videos.
  7. After that, you can now pick your preferred video or movie that you wish to stream on your big screen.
  8. Next, open the AllCast application and scroll down towards the Apps section on the homepage.
  9. Now choose the Chromecast office to stream your favorite video.
  10. Finally just choose the video on MovieBox app, and it will stream directly on your big screen.

Download MovieBox on iOS without Jailbreak

Final Words

Here comes the closure of this article. We hope the article and tutorial guide on MovieBox for Chromecast will be proved to be helpful to you. Just for your information, Moviebox app can be downloaded on Android and windows devices too and you can also download Moviebox on iOS for iOS users. In case of any query on the process or the usage of this app or more articles on such things, do write to us. You can share your experience and the suggestions to us to make our future articles more apt for you all.