Fruit Ninja: A Boon or a Bane?

Ever since the technology was developed, people tend to enter into the gaming world. Now in the 21st century, the world is a place for video games. With the change in the world, there arrived smartphones, and with smartphones, we witnessed many games fit for the smartphone lovers. From playing Fallout series to playing candies in a grid, from car racing video games to pass the time by running into the dark forests; gaming has prospered in its best possible ways. While some serious gaming enthusiasts pass their leisure time by the video game series, others just remain cool and stick to their smartphones by playing some abrupt yet trouble shooting games. Undoubtedly, gaming has brought by serious hopes for gamers to run out from their daily scheduled life and travel through the colorful world of gaming. And out of all the colorful smartphone games, Fruit Ninja stands out to be one of the finest.

Fruit Ninja, the fruit game, was first unveiled more than seven years ago. Some Australian developers, Halfbrick, introduced the game for all iOS users. However, the game was offered to users on a different platform. Earlier, users need to slash colorful fruits by a blade (touchscreen of the users) and if three fruits were dropped then the game was over. But now technology is upgrading with each passing of a second, so Fruit Ninja makers have also developed the game, offering gamers to play the game on a bigger platform. This time there are three modes which the game offers; the Zen mode, the Arcade mode and last but not the least, Classic mode.


All three modes can be enjoyed in some way or the other. First, comes the Zen mode. In this mode, players are offered to slash fruits of various colors. If your kid is small, then you must try this game with him/her, as this mode offers you to play and pass your time without any restrictions. This mode can be enjoyed, and you can also practice for the other two challenging modes by playing this mode. What comes next is the Arcade mode. This mode is tougher than the prior mode, offering you to slash fruits. But be careful, don’t hit the bombs, or else you might get a negative marking. Remaining one mode, it’s the Classic mode, where players are not allowed to drop any fruit, also do care not to slash the bombs by thinking it’s a fruit. From an eight-year-old to an eighty, Fruit Ninja is for all. After a certain level, you get to experience challenges as well. Isn’t it an exciting one?

Wrap Up: But when it’s time for someone to be thanked of, we realize that it’s not only the makers. Undoubtedly, without the makers, we wouldn’t have been experiencing such a wonderful journey of playing this Fruit Ninja game, but there one more in the list of Thanksgiving. You! Yes, all the Ninja addicts out there, it's you! Remember the time you were hanging out with friends, and surprisingly you had nothing to do at a certain point of time. You took out your smartphone and opened Fruit Ninja. All your friends were shocked by this behavior of yours, but then only realizing how brilliant the game is, they wanted to play as well. This is how our queue of Ninja addicts gets increased with every passing day. But we cannot deny the fact; there’s good in evil and evil in good. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Fruit Ninja is nothing extraordinary here. Yes, it is a complete killer of boredom, but after all, it is just a smartphone game, after all, it’s a creation of mankind. And every man has a certain level of brain capacity. So we would advise you to play the game at a regular interval without being affected.