Freedom App: The ultimate Eliminator of Distractions

With the development of technology, there arrived different applications in order to give the tech-savvy users an efficient way in accessing through the internet. Nowadays every application has different features, and when the Freedom app is concerned, it is developed in order to keep the users away from the internet for approximately up to eight hours at a span. As they say, it is known to free the users from various destructions. Hence allowing them time to analyze, create, code or even write.

A Ph.D. student from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Fred Stutzman wrote this program. Mentioned below are some of the key features that are offered by Freedom app for their long term users. Let us view them one at a time just in order to use “freedom to manage distractions”, as stated by them.


  • First, Freedom app covers the entire devices by blocking all the destructive apps and websites. The covered devices that are included are Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.12 and iOS 9 and iOS 10 (iPad, iPhone).
  • Second, by blocking those unnecessary websites and apps, Freedom helps in assigning blocklists to any schedule or device. It also adds apps as well as websites to the custom lists. The users can anyhow use their pre-defined blocks as well. At times when users need the option ‘do not disturb’ then the entire internet can be blocked easily.
  • Third, new productive habits can be built with their scheduling features. All that the users need is to “set it and forget it”. The sessions will be accessed automatically without any unnecessary willpower. Users can also get the option of scheduling the sessions before time. Aside, users can assign any block list or device to the session scheduled.
  • Fourth, users can also build habits with locked mode as well. Different sites can also be added even if the lock mode is enabled. It also prevents users’ devices from signing out as well as breaking the most pernicious habit.

Use Freedom, Why?

Freedom app has more than 350,000 users. But that’s not more compelling. What’s more exciting about the app is the growing body in the field of productivity and distraction. By eliminating distraction, Freedom focuses on a single task. Freedom also breaks the bad habit of checking the digital sources and what it is beckoning. Users will definitely find it indispensable only if they experience more of that ‘Freedom’ time. Making the users focus on the good habits is their key objective. The troubleshooters suggest the users to treat their email like a mailbox and enjoy the social media accordingly. Users often are unaware of the negative impact that the distractions have until they live the Freedom life.

While using the Freedom app, one would definitely get aware of what matters to the user the most. With happiness, healthiness and more productivity, freedom serves over 350,000 people and makes it incredibly seamless. So if you have not yet used Freedom then what are you waiting for! Download Freedom Apk latest version and try something new!