iOS 11: The Siri and Camera Updates in the upcoming iOS 11

WWDC event in San Jose, Apple revealed some of the new hosts of features that are going to come with the new iOS 11. We now have a clear idea about those anticipated features that have been announced by Apple developers at the WWDC event. For the long-term Apple users, there would be a public beta program of iOS 11. With chunks of good luck, Apple has brought one of the finest features of transferring money to your respective friends by using the Apple Pay. And we have the all-time Apple assistant, Siri, which might suggest users send or receive money via Apple Pay. Aside, users, you will also be able to ask Siri voice in order to pay someone.


As everyone speculated Siri to be more intelligent this time, we have got nuggets of information about Siri to be arriving more than our expectations. Some changes in Siri also include multiple results. If Siri is asked, “What do you know about the most favorite dish in Chinese?” Siri will somewhat use the Chinese language for delivering you the answer. Also, Siri will be supporting language translations too for Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French and more. Style wise, Siri will be coming with the more stylish male as well as female voices, precisely to be more natural and expressive.



Apart from the Siri updates, we have some of the updates in camera in the new iOS 11. The camera has gone through updates in order to support the HEVC or high-efficiency video coding. Guess what does that mean? A complete 2x better compression without the video quality going down! Great, isn’t it? Editable are the live photos, which get on to the idea that users can also attempt to trim the video loops. A couple of other features also include selecting the key photo, creating loops alongside putting the live photos in mute mode. Photo editing is somewhat a mode of creating surreal pictures, so iOS 11 offers you more. You can also bounce the live photos; use reverse animation method; last but not the least, can seamlessly set up the long exposure. But wait; it’s not finished yet! While you attempt to watch those memories movies in your Photo App, y


ou can do one thing; rotate it according to your preferable mode (either portrait or landscape). The new technology of HEIF has been utilized in the new iOS 11; which helps users reduce the file sizes without sacrificing the quality.


Making the best possible effort, iOS 11 has come up with some of the finest hosts of features. But perfection is basically a fantasy. So we cannot really expect everything to be well with iOS 11. But whatever Apple did (or going to do), trust is the ultimate word that fans are acquired with.