Shareit: The ‘anyshare’ App!

For the users, Shareit serves best as an application to transfer files from one device to another which is a similar one. Launched in China, in the month of June 2012, Shareit is familiarly called ‘anyshare.' Apart from important documents, users can also transfer files which include videos, photos, contacts, music, other apps and any file. In the current years, Shareit is available in 39 languages which also includes French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and most importantly English.

Shareit competes with Xender which is another application to transfer files. But whoever it is in the queue, Shareit remains constant, to be the best and fastest transferring application followed by others. Eliminating the cable needs, Bluetooth or even phone network, Shareit offers the fastest speed.

Mentioned below are some of the key specs that are offered by


. So for the users, if you are not aware of the features, then here it goes!

  • For rapid and immediate sharing, even the app itself can get shared wirelessly to other devices.
  • Those devices which have Shareit installed can easily detect themselves if they are in the range.
  • Shareit can support to share between different operating systems such as  Shareit for Android, iOS, Shareit for Windows 10 and Windows phone.
  • The compact capacity for Android is only 5.6 MB.
  • Shareit can share videos, music along with images up to a total of 5 devices.
  • Shareit has a feature of connecting and auto detecting to surrounding devices
  • Fortunately, it doesn’t require any internet charges.
  • Without the approval of the user of the respective device, none can send any spam or other stuff. First, you have to approve!
  • It has an easy and simple using interface
  • You can invite friends with just a click on the “invite” button.
  • Just in a span of seconds, you will witness large files videos getting transferred easily, to be appropriate, 40 times faster than that of Bluetooth.

But for users who don’t have any idea about Shareit Download, here it goes. You need to know the below points, and there you are, ready to use the app.

  1. One should be a ‘sender, ’ and another should perform the role of ‘receiver.'
  2. The wireless radios should be turned on the devices where sharing is to be performed in order to start sending as well as receiving.
  3. Shareit is supposed to be installed between the devices which would perform sharing.

On the contrary, Shareit doesn’t allow receiving or sending files offline. Second, it only allows file transfer in short distance. With IOS Devices, Shareit occupies 29.6MB of capacity and requires a version of IOS 6.0 or more. Moreover, Shareit is not supported on MAC OS X. Apart from all these defects Shareit is known as the fastest transferring app.