How To Download & Install Play Box HD

If you are one of those who is facing trouble in downloading and installing PlayBox HD, then we here to help you out. We will discuss how you can download and install the app in this article.

This is one of the most popular apps of current times. PlayBox has numerous features for unlimited entertainment for you, your family and friends. Developed with a unique interface to understand easily, it comes with options to get extra fun without you having to pay any money.

The features of the app include HD resolution (360p, 460p, 1080p); huge database of videos, the ability of being Chromecast and Apple TV compatible, unmatched GUI, semantic search, 100% free of charges, and constant updates.

Speaking of how you can download the app, we will give you all the nitty-gritty details!

We are here to provide you the step-by-step description as to how you can download and install the PlayBox app for your device.


First Step - Since this app is not available on Play Store, you have to use the APK method in order to install PlayBox HD on your Android devices.

Second Step - Then you need to download PlayBox HD APK file.

Third Step – Now, you have to go to the APK file location on your phone and click on the ‘Play Box.APK’ file.

Fourth Step – The file will ask you to install that APK file on your mobile. It will instantly get installed.

Fifth Step – After completely getting it fixed, you will find an option to ‘Open’ the app. You need to the ‘Open’ button.

If you follow the above steps, then you will see the task getting over. Now coming to the troubleshooting, almost all the issues can be resolved by simply updating to the current edition of the app, rebooting your device or re-installing the app. For PC and Mac users, updating to the current version of Android emulation software (You can also try alternatives such as Bluestacks and Genymotion) also helps. Users can look for a lot of content, ranging from movies to TV series, both new and old times in the menu. For watching a movie, you have to click on the movie.

The streaming will start when you click on ‘Stream &’ selecting the ‘Resolution’.  You can see an icon for finding in the movies menu. You have to Search icon inside the Cinemabox Android App.

Downloading and installing the app is very easy as we have seen above. All that needs to be done is to follow the above mentioned points and then you can start your movie and TV series watching experience.

Remember, when you will open a video, you can get to see images to download the film directly with varied resolutions. Here, if you see the name of the app as CiemaBox, do not panic as CinemaBox Android App and PlayBox App are both the same. It is the ultimate app for entertainment. You can get PlayBox for PC by downloading and installing it. This app is also known as CinemaBox App.

So, there you have it folks. PlayBox is the app to download. Download it and get a never before seen experience.


Showbox: Answer to Your Every Problem

Currently one of the best entertainment apps for mobile and PC users is Showbox. It has changed the mode of entertainment for ever. It helps the user to see the latest movies and television series with one click. This app also offers to download and that has turned out to be the best feature of it. And all these facilities come absolutely free as Showbox never charges anything for downloading, or streaming even for installation. But like every other app it comes with some disadvantages too. Let’s talk about it to know Showbox, the app better!

Problems occurred in the ShowBox app

ShowBox is simply an application that is available for almost all the operating system which can be installed on any smartphone or tablet that is powered by Android. The ShowBox app is potential enough to cater all your entertainment needs on the go.

At the time of access of the app and opening any movie the user may find that before the file gets open, a notification appears that recommends to update the app. Though this is not a big problem and you can easily deal with it following the steps.


ShowBox is no doubt is one of the best movie streaming app that has been working efficiently for the last few years but at times it comes up with another problem, that is cache causing error. That is disturbing for the users to have the cache errors which take place when you navigate on the app for long time. This cache error issue might result in app crash and it might show as app not working or server not found.

Apart from these issues this app is perfect for the users to get the benefits of it. Now if one can easily deal with these issues, the app will work smooth for them. But if anyone is too much troubled with the problems they can try some other apps too, that provides almost same service and comes up up with common features. Some of such apps are: Netflix, PlayBox, Hulu, Kodi, Crackle etc.

 Though ShowBox is not available in Google Play Store, the user just need to download the APK file and install on your device via any trusted source. It is just a one-time thing and after that the user will be able to access unlimited movies and television series every day. Those who use a smart television that is powered by Android will be able to install ShowBox app directly hassles free. It is one of the most convenient methods available for the people to watch movies on big screen.

You can also use the app very easily on Windows and iOS platforms as well.

So be smart enough to install ShowBox and use it properly and get the advantage of this renowned app to get the ultimate comfort and ease to watch your favourite shows and movies anytime you want. ShowBox updates its library in a very frequent manner which helps the user to watch all the latest movies and television series for the ultimate entertainment experience.

iOS 11: The Siri and Camera Updates in the upcoming iOS 11

WWDC event in San Jose, Apple revealed some of the new hosts of features that are going to come with the new iOS 11. We now have a clear idea about those anticipated features that have been announced by Apple developers at the WWDC event. For the long-term Apple users, there would be a public beta program of iOS 11. With chunks of good luck, Apple has brought one of the finest features of transferring money to your respective friends by using the Apple Pay. And we have the all-time Apple assistant, Siri, which might suggest users send or receive money via Apple Pay. Aside, users, you will also be able to ask Siri voice in order to pay someone.


As everyone speculated Siri to be more intelligent this time, we have got nuggets of information about Siri to be arriving more than our expectations. Some changes in Siri also include multiple results. If Siri is asked, “What do you know about the most favorite dish in Chinese?” Siri will somewhat use the Chinese language for delivering you the answer. Also, Siri will be supporting language translations too for Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French and more. Style wise, Siri will be coming with the more stylish male as well as female voices, precisely to be more natural and expressive.



Apart from the Siri updates, we have some of the updates in camera in the new iOS 11. The camera has gone through updates in order to support the HEVC or high-efficiency video coding. Guess what does that mean? A complete 2x better compression without the video quality going down! Great, isn’t it? Editable are the live photos, which get on to the idea that users can also attempt to trim the video loops. A couple of other features also include selecting the key photo, creating loops alongside putting the live photos in mute mode. Photo editing is somewhat a mode of creating surreal pictures, so iOS 11 offers you more. You can also bounce the live photos; use reverse animation method; last but not the least, can seamlessly set up the long exposure. But wait; it’s not finished yet! While you attempt to watch those memories movies in your Photo App, y


ou can do one thing; rotate it according to your preferable mode (either portrait or landscape). The new technology of HEIF has been utilized in the new iOS 11; which helps users reduce the file sizes without sacrificing the quality.


Making the best possible effort, iOS 11 has come up with some of the finest hosts of features. But perfection is basically a fantasy. So we cannot really expect everything to be well with iOS 11. But whatever Apple did (or going to do), trust is the ultimate word that fans are acquired with.

Watch Your Favorite Content On You TV Player

Are you looking for an app where you can watch your desired content at peace? Well, worry no more, as we are bringing for you details of one such app – You TV Player. This is the app which you need to have in your device if you want to watch your favorite content anytime, anywhere and on any device. You TV Player is an app which lets you watch free movies and TV Series online. You TV Player is also extremely personalized and customizable. One can suit their needs with Push notifications and other settings as they desire.

This app allows a user to stream any movies and TV series directly on your mobile phone. It also enables to make special provisions for those who need their files to be secured and at the same time support Chromecast. You TV Player is very compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad other than Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, etc. It works efficiently as You TV Player for iPhone as well as You TV Player for Windows. Users can also view our desired content with the use of this app and you will not even require more than 25MB of space to perform the action.


You TV Player come with splendid features. You can use the app to watch unlimited TV content, with almost every popular and international being offered to you without charging a single penny.

It allows users to see videos stored in your device. You can also protect your files using a password.

Among the many intriguing elements of the app, one is that it can be utilized as a social media tool. One can make friends with other users across the globe and engage in conversations with them. It also allows you to receive help and suggestions from them. 

One thing that you have to keep a note of in your mind is that You TV Player is not present on Google Play Store. But, a fake app by the same name has been uploaded on the store.

The logo that of the app that is present in Play Store contains text added through a amateur attempt at photo shop. It also does not have much loved social features which would let you to make friends and interact with people worldwide. Another big giveawau is that the app only shows you the movies which are hosted only on video viewing website Youtube. So, therefore, do not trust that fake app that is available in Play Store.

You can even watch You TV Player on your big screens, as the app allows for us to use Chromecast to play the videos.

The app is extremely versatile by nature and is well optimized for any ordinary user. Besides, it has a great collection of TV shows and channels to select from.  Thus, it means that is one of the best apps available in the marketplace. Therefore, all you need is to just download and install the app and stream your desired video content. Let the fun begin! After all, this is the app that will meet all your video viewing needs.

Is Vidmate Safe to use on Windows PC?

With the newer revolution in the technological world, somewhere down the lane, we did change. Indeed, Smartphone has become our best friends when it comes to providing all kind of information. With smartphone and the internet, people have the ability to rule the world. Now that the web can provide you various apps, people tend to rely on their smartphones. Remember the time when we used to buy cassettes and CDs for watching and listen to our favorite videos and music? Certainly, time has changed, and therefore, we too carry this tradition of going through the change! And with this change, come evolution, the evolution of smart apps. Exactly, you guessed it right; we are talking about various video streaming apps that the internet offers us nowadays. Out of all the video streaming app, there is the Vidmate app.


Vidmate app is a video and audio streaming apps allowing users to watch their favorite movies, TV shows along with the TV channels too. Users are you looking for a particular app which can offer you feature like listening to your favorite album and movies, then go for Vidmate. Unfortunately, Vidmate app is not an official one so you need to download the apk version of the file in order to enjoy its features. Mentioned below are the steps that will guide you to download the apk file of Vidmate. Read carefully.

  • STEP 1: Firstly, visit the official website of BlueStacks. Then download the Android emulator on the Windows desktop.
  • STEP 2: When the BlueStacks has been download, users need to start the installing of it on their PC. This is not at all difficult; you only need to follow just the instructions that are popping on the screen.
  • STEP 3: After you have successfully installed BlueStacks on your Windows PC, download the apk file of Vidmate from the link that you will get easily.
  • STEP 4: After the downloading process of Vidmate is completed, users you must go to the download folder of your respective desktop or laptop. Then right click on the Vidmate apk file. You must open it with BlueStacks player.
  • STEP 5: After downloading, you don’t need to install the apk file manually. The installation process will be completed within few minutes.
  • STEP 6: When installation process has been completed users can easily see the Vidmate app on Bluestacks menu. Users must open the app and enjoy the service by downloading your favorite movies and videos.

Vidmate app offers the users in downloading all popular videos as well as TV Shows. But before downloading this type of files users must be very careful. Vidmate is not an official app registered so there’s a possibility that your device can be damaged due to some virus threats. Do enjoy the service but before that make sure that you are safe and secured.


Shareit: The ‘anyshare’ App!

For the users, Shareit serves best as an application to transfer files from one device to another which is a similar one. Launched in China, in the month of June 2012, Shareit is familiarly called ‘anyshare.' Apart from important documents, users can also transfer files which include videos, photos, contacts, music, other apps and any file. In the current years, Shareit is available in 39 languages which also includes French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and most importantly English.

Shareit competes with Xender which is another application to transfer files. But whoever it is in the queue, Shareit remains constant, to be the best and fastest transferring application followed by others. Eliminating the cable needs, Bluetooth or even phone network, Shareit offers the fastest speed.

Mentioned below are some of the key specs that are offered by


. So for the users, if you are not aware of the features, then here it goes!

  • For rapid and immediate sharing, even the app itself can get shared wirelessly to other devices.
  • Those devices which have Shareit installed can easily detect themselves if they are in the range.
  • Shareit can support to share between different operating systems such as  Shareit for Android, iOS, Shareit for Windows 10 and Windows phone.
  • The compact capacity for Android is only 5.6 MB.
  • Shareit can share videos, music along with images up to a total of 5 devices.
  • Shareit has a feature of connecting and auto detecting to surrounding devices
  • Fortunately, it doesn’t require any internet charges.
  • Without the approval of the user of the respective device, none can send any spam or other stuff. First, you have to approve!
  • It has an easy and simple using interface
  • You can invite friends with just a click on the “invite” button.
  • Just in a span of seconds, you will witness large files videos getting transferred easily, to be appropriate, 40 times faster than that of Bluetooth.

But for users who don’t have any idea about Shareit Download, here it goes. You need to know the below points, and there you are, ready to use the app.

  1. One should be a ‘sender, ’ and another should perform the role of ‘receiver.'
  2. The wireless radios should be turned on the devices where sharing is to be performed in order to start sending as well as receiving.
  3. Shareit is supposed to be installed between the devices which would perform sharing.

On the contrary, Shareit doesn’t allow receiving or sending files offline. Second, it only allows file transfer in short distance. With IOS Devices, Shareit occupies 29.6MB of capacity and requires a version of IOS 6.0 or more. Moreover, Shareit is not supported on MAC OS X. Apart from all these defects Shareit is known as the fastest transferring app.

Google Plans Purge of Play Store apps Without Privacy Policies


Some Google Play Store apps which do not have the legal privacy policy to recognize those and also penalize Google have been sending notices to developers across the world for a functional plan.

According to a report cover by the Next Web, the CA.-based company the Mountain View proposes to "limit the visibility" of applications and it is not attached with present User Data Policies or you can detach the worst offender altogether.

As we seen every day so many Android apps that enlist in the Play Store and the important thing about this apps are maxed of them are appear to be careless. So when you notice this you should ignore this kind of application as many of these applications are just menial clones of popular software. The worst parts of these apps are, developers are the least concern about the user privacy.

Developers must be “transparent” as per Google’s User Data policy. We all share much personal and sensitive information though the app so developers should think seriously about the restriction on how to collect and handle user data or personal info.

It is not that only Google need the data of app policies are showed clearly as the users can read them before select but in both a deputed field in the Play Developer Console they must be posted and from the Play distributed app itself.

Like over HTTPS, delicate information must also be managed securely using modern cryptography.

A notice has been sent to Google Play developers as a warning from the company says, "violate Google's User Data policy regarding personal and sensitive information." Google is really concern about the privacy of their user.

As per notice we quote some statement here, "Google Play requires developers to provide a valid privacy policy when the app requests or handles sensitive user or device information. Your app requests sensitive permissions (for example, camera, microphone, accounts, contacts, or phone) or user data, but does not include a valid privacy policy."

The developers who undergo with such notice have time this year until March 15 to submit a link with valid privacy policy on their application Store Listing page, surely the app is including with this. To collect sensitive user data developers can remove the permission request alternatively.

The applications of the developers are at risk of being hidden from view in the App Store or removed altogether if they ignore the warning of the company.

Hope user will surely happy to find the fact that Google is very serious about the privacy issue as it comes to mobile application.