MovieBox for Chromecast is Available Now! Get to Know the Simple Process Here!

Those days are gone when we used to wait for the cable network that would provide movies, music, and shows to us. Today the apps are here to gratify our desires of movies with all the needed facilities. But technology has gone one step ahead as it has brought to us Chromecast that can connect the apps directly to our television set and we can use the television set as mobile where we can watch the movies and shows directly from the app. MovieBox is one such app that can be used on Chromecast. Here in this article, we will talk about how to get MovieBox for Chromecast.


How to Get MovieBox for Chromecast

People are a bit cryptic about the process, and take it for granted that MovieBox download on Chromecast is a difficult one. But in reality, it is absolutely opposite. Follow the simple way which we are providing here, and it will be just cakewalk for you. So let’s get started:

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  1. First, download and install the AllCast application on your mobile device.
  2. AllCast app will allow the users to connect their smartphone or Television with other devices like Chromecast.
  3. AllCast app lets you connect with the Television with your smartphone.
  4. After the successful installation, the AllCast app on your device, you need to launch this icon that appears on the screen.
  5. Next, we assume that you have already installed MovieBox app on your mobile phone.
  6. Then navigate to MovieBox app and alter the setting to Play Online Videos.
  7. After that, you can now pick your preferred video or movie that you wish to stream on your big screen.
  8. Next, open the AllCast application and scroll down towards the Apps section on the homepage.
  9. Now choose the Chromecast office to stream your favorite video.
  10. Finally just choose the video on MovieBox app, and it will stream directly on your big screen.

Download MovieBox on iOS without Jailbreak

Final Words

Here comes the closure of this article. We hope the article and tutorial guide on MovieBox for Chromecast will be proved to be helpful to you. Just for your information, Moviebox app can be downloaded on Android and windows devices too and you can also download Moviebox on iOS for iOS users. In case of any query on the process or the usage of this app or more articles on such things, do write to us. You can share your experience and the suggestions to us to make our future articles more apt for you all.

Download Lucky Patcher for Android: Here’s What You Need to Follow

One can definitely attempt to improve their Android experience by getting hold of the Lucky Patcher app. To prove the aforementioned statement that we have just claimed, introducing the app is a necessity. So here goes the brief introduction to Lucky Patcher. It’s that app which happens to be the best one for you.  The Lucky Patcher app is the finest if you want to get rid of the pesky and unwanted notifications. In this guide, we will be providing you the method to download Lucky Patcher for Android.


Download Lucky Patcher for Android: What’s the Use?

Compiling the Lucky Patcher features, first off, it’s the app which gives users a total sense of control over the other applications they use regularly. This is where the app becomes a lot more enjoyable. For users, the app offers certain permission to view and also they can get rid of those pesky ads which are nothing but a cause of destruction. You can not only create back up files of other apps but also download certain apps without being going through the licensing agreements. Although Lucky Patcher is not available for all apps, yet it covers the popular apps that are available on the Google Play Store. Now we are going further with the process mentioned below in order to download Lucky Patcher for Android.

Download Lucky Patcher for Android: How to Use?

We have compiled the process to download Lucky Patcher for Android in point wise manner. These are the below-mentioned steps that you need to go through.

  • 1# In case your Android device is not rooted then you need to do that in the first place.
  • 2# Get hold of the Lucky Patcher apk from a trusted source.
  • 3# After you see the apk file to get downloaded, access it through the file manager app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Download ES Explorer in case you don’t have one.
  • 4# Now you need to enter the file. And there you can see the “Install” option on which you require to click.
  • 5# As soon as the installation procedure happens to get over, the app will be visible on the home screen of the Android handset. As per recommendation, we suggest you to restart your device and then enjoy the services provided by the brilliant Lucky Patcher app.

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The Final Words

In the end, we hope whatever we have presented in the aforementioned steps, was useful for you to download Lucky Patcher for Android. If at all you face some technical glitches then contact us. Or else head toward exploring the app seamlessly.

Cinema Box for PC: Get the Feature and Downloading Process Here


If you love to watch movies and various television series, then Cinema Box App is your one stop solution. This app is absolutely free, and yet it provides HD contents and offers to download your favorite contents to watch them later. Though it is an Android app, but now it is also available for PC and Mac devices. Still not sure about this app?  Then go through this article where we have discussed the features and download process of Cinema Box for PC and decide yourself are you still not interested in it?

Cinema Box App Features

It is very important to know the app you wish to download as it will make your mind clear about whether you want to get it or not. So here are some of the features of Cinema Box app for PC.

This app is safe and free to download.

It provides you daily updates of the videos and many sources with high quality.

Cinema Box supports subtitles, and the best part is you can select the language too.

This app supports Chromecast, AirPlay and Wi-Fi sharing.

It also supports the 'Kids Mode' for your children, to keep them away from any adult content.

Download the movies and play later without the internet. That means this app supports both streaming and downloading.

Easy interface to search the movies and TV shows you like.

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How to Download Cinema Box for PC

The downloading process of Cinema Box for PC is an easy one. The only tricky part is to download an Android emulator. Here we have taken into account the Bluestacks Android emulator.

  1. First, download the Bluestacks Android emulator on your pc, and you don’t need to worry as this is a free application.
  2. After downloading install it on your PC. You can easily install it whether it’s Windows or Mac.
  3. Now you have to get latest cinema box .apk file.
  4. After receiving Cinema box apk for pc, try to install the application using Bluestacks Android emulator.
  5. Now, you can see Cinema box HD app is installing on PC. This might take few minutes but be patient and do not cancel the installation.
  6. After some time you will get Cinema box for pc in the Android emulator.

Last Words

Cinema Box for PC can make your entertainment experience extraordinary. So without wasting any more time download Cinema Box for PC now and enjoy your desired films like never before.

Fruit Ninja: A Boon or a Bane?

Ever since the technology was developed, people tend to enter into the gaming world. Now in the 21st century, the world is a place for video games. With the change in the world, there arrived smartphones, and with smartphones, we witnessed many games fit for the smartphone lovers. From playing Fallout series to playing candies in a grid, from car racing video games to pass the time by running into the dark forests; gaming has prospered in its best possible ways. While some serious gaming enthusiasts pass their leisure time by the video game series, others just remain cool and stick to their smartphones by playing some abrupt yet trouble shooting games. Undoubtedly, gaming has brought by serious hopes for gamers to run out from their daily scheduled life and travel through the colorful world of gaming. And out of all the colorful smartphone games, Fruit Ninja stands out to be one of the finest.

Fruit Ninja, the fruit game, was first unveiled more than seven years ago. Some Australian developers, Halfbrick, introduced the game for all iOS users. However, the game was offered to users on a different platform. Earlier, users need to slash colorful fruits by a blade (touchscreen of the users) and if three fruits were dropped then the game was over. But now technology is upgrading with each passing of a second, so Fruit Ninja makers have also developed the game, offering gamers to play the game on a bigger platform. This time there are three modes which the game offers; the Zen mode, the Arcade mode and last but not the least, Classic mode.


All three modes can be enjoyed in some way or the other. First, comes the Zen mode. In this mode, players are offered to slash fruits of various colors. If your kid is small, then you must try this game with him/her, as this mode offers you to play and pass your time without any restrictions. This mode can be enjoyed, and you can also practice for the other two challenging modes by playing this mode. What comes next is the Arcade mode. This mode is tougher than the prior mode, offering you to slash fruits. But be careful, don’t hit the bombs, or else you might get a negative marking. Remaining one mode, it’s the Classic mode, where players are not allowed to drop any fruit, also do care not to slash the bombs by thinking it’s a fruit. From an eight-year-old to an eighty, Fruit Ninja is for all. After a certain level, you get to experience challenges as well. Isn’t it an exciting one?

Wrap Up: But when it’s time for someone to be thanked of, we realize that it’s not only the makers. Undoubtedly, without the makers, we wouldn’t have been experiencing such a wonderful journey of playing this Fruit Ninja game, but there one more in the list of Thanksgiving. You! Yes, all the Ninja addicts out there, it's you! Remember the time you were hanging out with friends, and surprisingly you had nothing to do at a certain point of time. You took out your smartphone and opened Fruit Ninja. All your friends were shocked by this behavior of yours, but then only realizing how brilliant the game is, they wanted to play as well. This is how our queue of Ninja addicts gets increased with every passing day. But we cannot deny the fact; there’s good in evil and evil in good. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Fruit Ninja is nothing extraordinary here. Yes, it is a complete killer of boredom, but after all, it is just a smartphone game, after all, it’s a creation of mankind. And every man has a certain level of brain capacity. So we would advise you to play the game at a regular interval without being affected.

Top 5 Playbox Alternatives You Can Use


While entertainment apps are conquering the market, there is a plethora of such apps. But among them, only a few have been come up with the users’ demand. Playbox is one of the choicest apps; some may find it difficult to install or use properly. Thus we have a list of some entertainment apps, that can work as the Playbox Alternatives. Get the details of the apps here!

List of Playbox Alternatives

Popcorn time App

With Popcorn time app you can watch Movies and TV Shows instantly from anywhere. It serves directly from the torrents. It has an awesome catalog of movies with the best quality and no restrictions. They upgrade their library very frequently to offer you the latest movies. It is the only app that is available for almost all the existing devices like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux 32 and 64 bit.

Moviebox App

The next Best Playbox HD alternative is Moviebox App. This app also got some great features. Moviebox is the media app that can be used to watch and download HD movies, TV shows, and music videos, etc. It supports all the formats like mp4, Mkv, Wmv, Flv, etc. here the user can get movies displayed with teaser and IMDB ratings. This is the reason, the app Moviebox stood at the top position as the Playbox Alternative app.


Showbox app is another most preferred Playbox alternative in this list. The reason is, this app helps to watch free movies and Television series on Android, iPad, iPhone, etc. This app got new and the old movies which can be downloaded and streaming. It has a huge collection of movies, both old and new to entertain you.  To get the Showbox on Android or iPad, iPhone, iOS devices just download this app. This app is compatible with almost all devices.

CinemaBox App

Playbox is an app that is almost identical with that of Cinema Box App, and thus it is one of the closest to be called as the Playbox Alternative. Cinema Box has all the interesting features that can be counted as the Playbox HD App which you can expect to get in the HD mode, Download, Watch, Kids mode, Chromecast and more from CinemaBox HD App.

Cartoon HD App

Cartoon HD is mainly created for the cartoon lovers, but it never confined it to the cartoons only. Here you can get all the recent movies, television series and undoubtedly is getting familiar recent days.  Through Cartoon HD app the user can watch all the favorite Anime Shows, TV shows, and movies online for free. You just need to download Cartoon HD Apk file and then install it on your device.

Wrap up

While all the apps we have discussed here performs almost the same task to provide the best entertainment to you. So don’t waste time and choose the right one for you and download it to get the ultimate entertainment experience.


Freedom App: The ultimate Eliminator of Distractions

With the development of technology, there arrived different applications in order to give the tech-savvy users an efficient way in accessing through the internet. Nowadays every application has different features, and when the Freedom app is concerned, it is developed in order to keep the users away from the internet for approximately up to eight hours at a span. As they say, it is known to free the users from various destructions. Hence allowing them time to analyze, create, code or even write.

A Ph.D. student from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Fred Stutzman wrote this program. Mentioned below are some of the key features that are offered by Freedom app for their long term users. Let us view them one at a time just in order to use “freedom to manage distractions”, as stated by them.


  • First, Freedom app covers the entire devices by blocking all the destructive apps and websites. The covered devices that are included are Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.12 and iOS 9 and iOS 10 (iPad, iPhone).
  • Second, by blocking those unnecessary websites and apps, Freedom helps in assigning blocklists to any schedule or device. It also adds apps as well as websites to the custom lists. The users can anyhow use their pre-defined blocks as well. At times when users need the option ‘do not disturb’ then the entire internet can be blocked easily.
  • Third, new productive habits can be built with their scheduling features. All that the users need is to “set it and forget it”. The sessions will be accessed automatically without any unnecessary willpower. Users can also get the option of scheduling the sessions before time. Aside, users can assign any block list or device to the session scheduled.
  • Fourth, users can also build habits with locked mode as well. Different sites can also be added even if the lock mode is enabled. It also prevents users’ devices from signing out as well as breaking the most pernicious habit.

Use Freedom, Why?

Freedom app has more than 350,000 users. But that’s not more compelling. What’s more exciting about the app is the growing body in the field of productivity and distraction. By eliminating distraction, Freedom focuses on a single task. Freedom also breaks the bad habit of checking the digital sources and what it is beckoning. Users will definitely find it indispensable only if they experience more of that ‘Freedom’ time. Making the users focus on the good habits is their key objective. The troubleshooters suggest the users to treat their email like a mailbox and enjoy the social media accordingly. Users often are unaware of the negative impact that the distractions have until they live the Freedom life.

While using the Freedom app, one would definitely get aware of what matters to the user the most. With happiness, healthiness and more productivity, freedom serves over 350,000 people and makes it incredibly seamless. So if you have not yet used Freedom then what are you waiting for! Download Freedom Apk latest version and try something new!

Why Do You Need To Download SnapTube APK Now?

In this age of fast-paced content-heavy Internet life, we always are looking for abundance in content and high speed. This is even more true for catering our entertainment needs. Therefore, when coming to technology for our devices, we are always looking for apps which present to us a modified version of themselves. And that is what SnapTube APK does!

If you are looking for an app to crave your entertainment needs, then let us suggest one app which is going to change the way you has brought a revolution into the world of apps. Called SnapTube, this is the app which you need to download. We are giving you reasons as to why you need to download this app! So here we go!

This app is ranked as one of the best apps of current times, and it enables users to download YouTube videos into their smartphones in both MP3 and MP4 formats absolutely without any cost.  If we go by the official website of SnapTube, we will discover that the SnapTube can only be used for personal use only.  As a result, any deviation will lead you to the terminal of service. Therefore, it is said that one must use the app under the prescribed law of your nation.

Speaking of how you can have this app on your device. For all those of you who need help in SnapTube APK download, we are here to help you out. You would require the following things.


A basic computer system which is in proper shape for using decent to good software is well enough for SnapTube. Specifically, Mac One (2013 or later) can get this app to work on their devices. Therefore, it means you need to have Mac OS X. You would also need to have an internet connection. You must have 4GB of RAM in your computer and 1GB of Graphic Card. Additionally, 5GB of free storage on C Drive must be there for Android emulator’s files. SnapTube has similar work mechanisms of Tube mate. It features a versatile music downloading features. Users can select from various resolutions varying from 360 pixels to 1080 pixels. SnapTube us with systematic lists of recommended videos which are created by the viewing pattern of the users. The property of the app which makes it stand out among other apps is the fact that despite being free, the app is free of advertisements. You will not be bothered by ads!

To come to your help, we are giving you the step by step description of how to download and install SnapTube for Mac OS, since some users find it tough to download it for Mac OS. So, here we go:

Step 1 – First and foremost, you have to go over the official SnapTube website and slowly scroll down. You will find various options to download the Beta edition or the current version of the app.

Step 2 – In the next step, once the required file is downloaded, you have to properly install it. The installation process would take some time.

Step 3 – In the third step, which is also the last step, you need to hit the shortcut button that would automatically appear on our PC.

And just like that, the process is complete! F If you follow these steps, you can access your favorite content with ease.

Well, now to answer the question about how to you can update the app! It is pretty simple. Users will be informed by the app itself whenever a new version comes out, meaning, users will be notified or informed of the same, and then all you need on do is to get updated on it.

Now to the question of where you can find the app. You will be highly disappointed if you think you can get it from Google Play Store as it is not present at Google Play Store.

This is because the search engine’s policy that condemns YouTube downloading apps for copyright issues!